The D4 Hypnotherapy Mindfulness

Clinic Dublin

Irelands Highest Trained Therapists.

The only hypnotherapy clinic in Ireland with Masters trained Trinity College Psychologists

We offer personal one to one sessions or group sessions in counselling, psychology, mindfulness and clinical hypnotherapy

Fear of Flying?

Read How The D4 Clinic helped one man have a dream honeymoon

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MP4 Fear of Flying Recording available to purchase here


Award Winning Psychological Mindfulness Hypnotherapy Clinic with proven results for weight loss, stop smoking, eating disorders,

Overcoming fears/phobias, improving confidence and reducing alcohol consumption,

Reducing stress/anxiety plus many more day to day issues.

Member of The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)

Practice what you preach


D4 Clinic founder Jason O’Callaghan will personally work with you for each session and has lost over 4 stone using our methods.



Call us right now on 01 6688217 to see if we can help you improve your life

“We LOVE Referrals”


for a free phone consultation with a trained psychologist

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Hypnotherapy Dublin

Founder of The Dublin 4 Clinic Weight Loss program has personally lost over 4 stone using this method of hypnotherapy & hypnosis, Mindfulness and Psychology

For a Free Phone Consultation call our therapist direct line on. Results may vary per person.

086 7834952

Here is Jason O’Callaghan talking about Psychology and Hypnotherapy on TV3

Hypnosis Dublin on newstalk

Listen to The D4 Clinic on Newstalk with Sean Moncrieff. Forward to Minute 35 to hear about psychology & hypnosis and the mind

Click to play Newstalk listen to what Jason from Hypnosis Dublin 4 has to say.

Watch Jason O’Callaghan of The D4 Clinic interviewed on TV3’s ‘The Morning Show’

* Disclaimer: Willpower may be required and individual results may vary.

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