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“Hypnotherapy and training in self-hypnosis can help persons achieve remarkable success in alleviating anxiety, not only in anxiety disorders, but also in any problem involving anxiety…

Because hypnosis exploits the intimate connection between mind and body, it provides relief through improved self-regulation and also beneficially affects cognition and the experience of self-mastery” (Smith, 1990 p.209)

Hypnotherapy can be applied in many cases to fight anxiety. For example, 55-years -old client suffering from a 30-years history of social phobia. Relaxation and breathing training were taught to lower anxiety. Ego strengthening was used, followed by age regression, and the affect and somatic bridges to access the past. Future-oriented with imaginary enabled the client to visualise success, while anchoring was taught for quick access to a relaxed state. The trance state was utilized to discard unwanted thoughts and emotions. (Rogers, 2008.p,64-68)