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Corporate Services

The D4 Clinic offers Corporate and Organizational seminars and Keynote Speeches

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50% off Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Downloads Now

50% off Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Downloads Now

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Corporate Services


The D4 Clinic offers corporate and organizational seminars and keynote speeches for companies to increase sales and have a healthier and more productive work force.

We offer a number of programs to help your staff and bottom line

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

An hour-long lunchtime seminar in house by a trained psychologist showing how to better manage your personal mental health.

The Unconscious Secrets of Motivated Sales Experts

Using proven methods, a trained psychologist will show your team who to improve sales by using the power of motivational psychology.

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Companies We’ve Helped

So why look at corporate wellness for your company?


Wellness programmes and job satisfaction

– A company which employs Wellness Programs can significantly improve staff morale, increase productivity and sense of responsibility among employees as a response to overall improved job satisfaction.

– Job satisfaction becomes one of the major issues in the workplace. Studies show that work satisfaction affects the wellbeing of employees and exerts a considerable impact on the organization. Job satisfaction is particularly strong because of its consequences for the organization, such as absenteeism and turnover and for the employee, such as mental and physical health.

How does it benefit your employees?

– Employers benefit from happy, healthy employees that take less sick days, which decreases healthcare costs and improves the operational flow of business and profits.

– Psychological Methods that we use help your staff to change is a natural but powerful way to accomplish your business goals and success.

 Positive impact of the wellness/Mindfulness programmes on the business!

Organizations which offer Wellness/Mindfulness programmes to their staff are perceived more positively by their employees in terms of their attitudes towards the organizations, job satisfaction levels and satisfaction with fringe benefits.

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