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australiansocietyDr Norman Shum and Dr Sue Stefanovic jointly presented this Workshop at the Australian Society for Hypnosis’ Annual Congress in September 2012 at Daydream Island . Part 1 is Dr Shum’s reflections on this workshop while Part 2 is the cancer section submitted by Dr Stefanovic .

Below is the outline of the workshop:
• What is hypnosis? Group induction
• Introduction to Zen Buddhism and meditation
• Similarities and differences between hypnosis and meditation
• Mindfulness
• What is cancer?
• Cancer statistics and risk factors for developing psychological difficulties
• Principles of cancer management
• Chemotherapy side-effects
• Psychological issues
• Case studies
• Why use hypnosis—review of evidence, and immune system response
• Pain control
• Sleep difficulty
• Self-hypnosis
• Hypnotic experience—group induction

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