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(Individual downloadable pre-recorded sessions on certain issues are available direct from the clinic for €49/€99 each. Please email [email protected] for more information)
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Online Pre-recorded Bundles

Weight Loss Package

Weight loss-Six sessionGastric band audio downloadableprogram complete with tutorial video/printable instructionsall for only €49
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16 sessions audio hypnotherapy bundle with all six gastric band sessions, stop smoking, reduce alcohol, cut out junk food, overcome insomnia, instant confidence, reduce social anxiety, reduce stress, covid 19 anxiety reduction plus free PDF of Jason’s best-selling motivational book all for only €99
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32 session bumper packages - Best Value

Get over €3,000 worth of in clinic recordings by leading psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist for only €149.
Buying separately, you would have to pay thousands for our programs but TODAY only click to get OVER 30 SESSIONS right to your phone

Food and Alcohol Issues

  • Six session Gastric band program plus tutorial video and printable instructions (As seen on TV3)
  • Cut out Junk Food session
  • Self-Sabotage Weight Loss session
  • Quit Sugar addiction session
  • No more chocolate session
  • Reduce Alcohol session


  • Instant Confidence Session
  • Covid19 Anxiety Reduction session
  • Reduce social anxiety session
  • Reduce stress session
  • Instant Relaxation session


  • Fear of Flying Session
  • Overcome Claustrophobia session
  • Overcome Fear of Dentists
  • Overcome your fear of Doctors (white coat syndrome)

Breaking Habits

  • Stop Smoking session
  • Quit Cannabis session
  • Quit E-cigarettes
  • Stop Procrastination session
  • Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking session
  • Reduce Tinnitus (Ringing in the ear) session
  • Reduce Headaches session
  • Stop Nail Biting session
  • Overcome Loneliness session
  • Overcome Blushing session
    Quit Gambling session
    Stop Hair pulling session (trichotillomania)
    Overcome Insomnia Session

Office Main Line: 01 6855511

Email: [email protected]

The clinic operates strictly by appointment only

Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a therapy and like all therapies, results will vary from one person to the next


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