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Hypnosis Audio Files


This pack contains all of Jasons most popular audio sessions

Weight Loss Sessions – Including 5 sessions & one Booster session, a guide to download and follow plus a free E-Book
Stop Smoking Session
Alcohol Reduction Session
Overcome Insomnia Session
Reduce Anxiety & Stress
Instant Confidence
Quash Your Fear of Flying
Social Anxiety Elimination
Cut Out Junk Food
Procrastinating Session


NB The D4 Clinic Limited has a no refund policy on any online or clinic treatment as we have no way of proving you haven’t quit smoking, lost weight etc after doing our programs



Download Tips

General tips for downloading your files

Download from Webpage after payment – click on the file hyperlinks on the page to start download & playback using the Music, Quickplayer or iTunes Apps.


Download from Email – click on the file hyperlinks in the order confirmation email to start download & playback.

To Re-download the files you must have created an account when purchasing.
Login to your Account
Go to the website
Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and click on My Account.
Enter the following info your username and your password. ( These will have been sent to you by email on creating the account)
Username: *****
Password: *****
Then go to My Orders – View Order
Theres a button to the right of each session name – click it and the file should start to download for you.
( They wont appear in the section Downloads )

Please Note:

Files may take a few minutes to download fully depending on your internet connection.

Please ensure you have sufficient memory on your device to save and play files. Refer to your devices website for further instruction.

You may need up to a GB of space on your iPhone in order to play files while the ‘auto-lock’ is enabled.

You may need to know where the default download location/ default player is on your particular device.

Playback may stop after a few mins if your iPhone has ‘auto lock’ enabled.
On iPhone open Settings, go to General, then scroll down to “Auto-Lock”. Set this to “Never”.


Settings > Notifications > Music app > Show on lock screen

Please refer to user manual for more instructions on playback errors.

The .MA4 files may play better if you use Quickplayer and not the Music or iTunes app – but you can also save the files to your iTunes Library using a pc, then listen back on your phone after syncing to your iTunes library.


Is the screen auto locking after a few minutes?  Go to Settings> General> Auto-Lock set it to ‘Never’    or    Settings > Notifications > Music app > ‘Show on lock screen’

You might need to reboot the device after changing the ”Auto lock” settings and try again.

You may need to update iTunes.

If using the Music app on iPhone – if the playback stops, try double clicking the home button when the device is locked to show play/pause controls for the last-played music.

If you manually lock your screen yourself, when the .M4A starts, it will continue you to play in lock mode. However, if the phone locks on its own, it will stop. You may need to clear up space in Usage. You may need at least a GB in order to let the music still play while in lock screen.

If that doesn’t work we can try using a different file format. The files are .M4A ( which are Apple derived files) but changing them to .MP3 might suit your device better. Please use file conversion software if in doubt.


Please refer to your devices user manual or website for more instructions on playback errors.