The D4 Clinic Method of Weight Loss

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  • Weight Loss
  • Stop Smoking
  • Fear of Flying
  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Public Speaking
  • Instant Confidence
  • Insomnia
  • Reduce Alcohol
  • Pain Management
  • Gambling Issues
  • Fear of Clowns
  • Food Relationship

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*Not to be used when driving or using machinery. Not suitable for those on psychiatric medicine or those with epilepsy.

Try Hypnosis NOW

Listen to a Free Relaxation Session

*Not to be used when driving or using machinery. Not suitable for those on psychiatric medicine or those with epilepsy.

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The D4 Clinic Method of Weight Loss


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Six audio session Gastric band hypnotherapy program
Tutorial Video, plus printable PDF of how to do the program

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In Clinic Weight Loss Program 



Audio Weight Loss Gastric Band Program


Well done to Keith who has been doing our online program in Qatar.
Down 1 stone 9 lbs in 8 weeks. Well done sir

Shane Manning loss 5.5 stone in D4 Clinic after one clinic session.

Read Shanes’ story here 

Pat O’Neill lost 4 stone in 12 weeks

Read Ciaras’ story here

€99 Six Sessions Gastricband Weight Loss Program



Keith Devlin, Dublin 12

“I lost over 7 stone at the D4 Clinic”


Shane Manning loss 5.5 stone in D4 Clinic after one clinic session

Gaby has lost over 2 stone in The D4 Clinic
Gaby has lost over 2 stone in The D4 Clinic
Ciara has lost nearly 3 stone in The D4 Clinic
Ciara has lost nearly 3 stone in The D4 Clinic
Maria Burke went from a size 24 to 14 with the help of the D4Clinic

Get the full program right to your email right now. Five full hypnotherapy sessions plus our famous booster sessions

PLUS Free PDF to print off includes our weight loss tips and tricks, daily food diary, program daily checklist, exercise vs food intake forms.

PLUS Our new 10 mins Tutorial Video by award winning psychologist Jason O’Callaghan (who has lost 4 stone using the program)

Buy your Six Sessions Gastricband Weight Loss Program

It’s your turn to let award winning psychologist and weight loss hypnotist Jason O’Callaghan train your subconscious mind to help you get the motivation to change you eating and exercise habits. Jason has personally lost over 4 stone using hypnosis and now guides others to lose weight. No matter if it’s just a few pounds or a few stone Jason’s methods have helped his clients lose between 2 and 8 stone in recent years. See here images and videos from our successful clients.

Cost €99

Includes six sessions and a PDF

D4 Weight Loss Tutorial Video

Weight Loss Program (in clinic) 



Weight loss €499 – NOW €299

  • Unlimited sessions.
  • Our weight loss program is the only one of its type in Ireland and probably the world as it is results based not fee per session based.
  • One on one sessions with the clinics founder psychologist/clinical hypnotherapist Jason O’Callaghan.
  • We record all sessions so you can do them at home to reinforce the treatment.

How it works

You do a full hour session with a psychologist/clinical hypnotherapist which includes your own personal hypnosis session, counselling, weight loss psychology and more tips and tricks to help you lose weight including food charts, daily checklists, recommended TV/books to educate yourself about the real reason you can’t lose weight plus our famous blue plates to eat your meals from.

After a few weeks doing the program at and when you have lost your first 5lbs or more you contact us and come back in for a session. No cost.

Every time you lose another 5lbs you come back in at no extra cost. Unlimited sessions with your own weight loss psychologist until you have hit your target.

We are open six days a week so if you wish to book just let us know days and times that suit and we can check diary?

Please note this is not a diet but a long term lifestyle change. Most people stay with us for six months to a year. 

Free Booster Session: Try Hypnosis for yourself

Not to be used when driving or using machinery. Not suitable for those on psychiatric medicine or those with epilepsy.

* Disclaimer: Willpower may be required and individual results may vary.

Free Weight Loss Booster CD

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Lorraine talks to a mother a daughter who have lost 2 1/2 and 3 stone with Gastric Band Hypnosis

More videos here

What D4Clinic Clients Say About Us

Disclaimer, views expressed here are those of previous clients of The D4 Clinic, results very for each person

Freddie has lost 50lbs in 4 months in The D4 Clinic

Dear Jason,

Many thanks for your help at D4 clinic. I have now lost over 3 stone and feel so good. This picture of me is in my first pair of size 12 jeans in over 20 years. It is just amazing how it has worked. I now love my daily walk.Thanks again for all your help.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the D4 CLINIC to my friends and colleagues.

- Breda Keating

“Still going great and weighed this week 10-12 pounds more gone and feeling good, not weighing weekly so nice to see big jump. Hope to see you in Sept. probably with an interested friend will be in touch.”

- Lavinia

“I have lost over 3 stone with thanks to the hypnotherapy gastric band operation, I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I feel like a different person now. My diet and lifestyle has changed and I am a much happier person. Thanks again.”

- Anne C


Maire lost over 3 stone with the treatment at D4 Clinic

“Hi Jason, how you doing. I am going great since we last spoke, down just 2 stone and finding I feel much better and have a lot more energy each day. Walking daily and listening to my stomach has made a lot of difference. My friend Kelly was recently in with you also after I told here about you and she is nearly down a stone already. So both of us are looking forward to a nice shopping spree soon. Thanks so much”

- Flo

Dublin 6

“Hi Jason, just a note to thank you for the sessions. I am now on week 10 since I came to you first and am down just over 2.5 stone and am so happy with upcoming wedding that I can fit into the dress size I wanted to. See you again soon for another visit.”

- Mary B


“Just a quick email to thank you for the recent sessions, I did four in total and found with each one I was able to relax more and more. My weight loss is going well and I am down 44 lbs in 3 months. Exercise is going well and food intake is right down. I still have a few more stone to go but the road ahead is looking good. I will be in touch to book another session when I get back from my break.”

- Maureen N



Why hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is the only way to tap into your inner consciousness and if you really want to lose weight we can use this to help you lose weight for good. The way you eat is why you are overweight, if we bring awareness to that, then we can help you lose weight for good.

What you need to do:

You must take 100% responsibility for your weight. It is not anyone else’s fault you are overweight, it is yours. As soon as you accept that you are already 50% of the way to your goal. We will help with the other 50%.

Weight loss is not a sprint but a marathon and like nearly everyone who comes to the D4 Clinic if you really want to lose weight and change your life then we can help.

Our Methods

Most people have never visited any type of therapist. They also have no idea of what a hypnotist does apart from what they have seen on TV with Paul McKenna and Keith Barry. However, as a psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist we don’t turn people into chickens or swing watches.


If you really want to lose weight, there is only one way to do this. Eat less and exercise more. If you think there is a button you press or a magic pill you are really just wasting your own time and money. Hypnosis allows you to motivate yourself and retrains the way you look at food and exercise. You will eat less, be more aware of what and how you eat and be more motivated to lose weight by burning off the excess weight you are holding.

Hypnotherapy is heightened state of awareness, not as you may think as lesser state of awareness. So when you try to smoke you will be aware about how bad the habit is for you and therefore it will stop you doing it, the same with food. Most people who are overweight come to that stage by eating without thinking. Hypnotherapy allows them to get into their heads that everything they eat is either a step to or away from their goals, making them more aware of what they should and should not eat.

Weight loss hypnotherapy has been proven to help people to lose weight quickly and easily, I myself lost over 4 stone using hypnotherapy, I can help you do the same. But it needs dedication. You need to want to lose weight, you need to want to change and you need to believe in hypnotherapy to get you to your goal weight.


“I lost 2.5 stone and am back in size 12 jeans for the first time in years” Breda (65)

Breda was 65 when she came to the clinic and she lost 2.5 stone in 3 months using our methods. We have other clients who have lost as much as 8 stone over a six month period. Hypnosis does work but you have to want it work, you have to focus and you have to understand how your body works. The Dublin 4 Clinic can help you and will work with you as your partner in your weight loss journey, using hypnosis, hypnotherapy, CBT, psychology and counselling to help you obtain your goals and change your life.

*Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a therapy and like all therapies results will vary from one person to the next

To make an appointment and get a grip of your weight, call now on 01 6855511.

*Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a therapy and like all therapies results will vary from one person to the next